Promoting Health by Restoring Balance to the System

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a method which dates back thousands of years and has survived to the present day due to it’s efficacy and diverse application.  An ever growing body of modern research is indicating that Acupuncture promotes positive results in areas such as pain relief, stress management, natural fertility, ART fertility (IVF/ICSI) and women’s health.

Ultra-fine needles, barely thicker than a hair, are carefully placed in prescribed acupuncture points. These specific points are targeted to elicit physical changes in the bodies patterns of function.  Treatment is effective, safe and virtually painless using fully sterile, single use acupuncture needles.

Acupuncture has proven to be effective in treating:

Around 8 million people in the UK are affected by chronic pain on a daily basis. If you suffer from Arthritis, Back Pain, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica or Muscle Pain Acupuncture could be an effective solution.

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Emotional and psychological issues can have a serious effect on inhibit our ability to function and enjoy our lives. Acupuncture can bring relief from conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

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With positive effects indicated in research into managing Crohn's disease, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and chronic diarrhoea, Acupuncture helps to both manage negative symptoms and maximise this essential life system

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Acupuncture can be used to influence a wide range of gynaecological and fertility linked conditions.  Studies indicate improvements in the symptoms of endometriosis, PCOS and hormonal imbalances amongst many others.

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Traditional acupuncture theory works on the basis of restoring balance to a system which has lost its equilibrium, resulting in ill health.   Where an element of the whole body system is out of balance due to under-functioning, hyper-functioning or obstruction by an external factor, acupuncture aims to maximise, reduce, smooth or eliminate the problematic aspect.

Over 2000 years of clinical experience has identified the correlation of stimulation to specific acupuncture points, with observable changes in the function of the body.  Effects range from big physical releases of tension in the tendinomuscular system, to subtle but measurable changes in reproductive function, through to improvements in personal energy levels and a quieting down of unsettled mental and emotional states.

In an acupuncture treatment, we diagnose the imbalance holistically, taking account of the performance of the whole system. Using ultra-fine single use sterile needles, we gently stimulate the indicated acupuncture points, interacting with the network of the central nervous system to promote a physiological and energetic reaction.

Our style of acupuncture focuses on using the minimum number of needles to achieve our clinical aims and is therefore particularly well suited to patients who do not like the idea of needles.

Our acupuncture therapists have studied Traditional Chinese medicine for a minimum of five years and continue to research and develop their skill through a rigorous program of professional development. We offer a calm, professional service in our tranquil inner city clinics in Bristol, Cheltenham and Bath.



Herbal Medicine

Natural herbal medicines form the origin of modern Western pharmacology and are a powerful tool both alone and in combination with methods such as acupuncture. We supply only the highest quality herbs from ethical sources.

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Tuina Bodywork

Tuina massage is a light yet effective group of techniques which form the keystone of treatment for ingrained physical complaints such as trauma caused by sports injury and tension accumulated through stress or emotion.

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Complementary Methods

From cupping, to moxibustion, from gua sha to traditional medical qigong (chi kung) and lifestyle coaching, our comprehensive portfolio of therapeutic methods address both the symptoms and root of your imbalance.

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Fees & Treatment Plans

With options for both one off appointments or discounted treatment packages, single or multi therapy pathways and the option of standard and out of hours clinics, our fee structure aims to offer flexible choices to suit our clients.

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  • From start to finish I had a great experience with the Natural Health and Wellness Clinic. I was being treated with acupuncture to support IVF cycles. Martyn supported me through two cycles and offered a lot of advice, guidance and support through both. He always took time to explain the treatment and any alterations to support the cycle. I always felt a priority when fitting in appointments to fit my IVF schedule. Having used acupuncture before this was a totally different and positive experience. I would't hesitate to use the clinic again myself if required which is the best recommendation I can give. I'm currently pregnant with twins and I thank Martyn for his part in that.*

  • After a year of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, my partner and I decided to give acupuncture a try before moving on to the serious IVF process.  Martyn was very clear and calm in his approach, he gave us acupuncture treatments and herbs along with some changes to our diet and exercise over several months in what he called a preparation period.  The period pain I had experienced every month for as long as I can remember completely disappeared with the treatments and it must have been linked to our problems to start a family as after 5 months we were blessed with success!  I highly recommend Martyn at NHW, I don’t think our little girl would be here without him.*

  • I’ve only had acupuncture once before, but I felt completely at ease with Martyn. He was very thorough with my medical history and in assessing what needed to be worked on. He was also very happy to answer all of my questions. After the session and in the days following I noticed immediate improvements to my back and shoulder pain which I have been suffering with for some years. Martyn was professional, provided a clean, relaxing environment and results that really worked. I will definitely be using his services again.*

  • We contacted the natural health and wellness clinic after we researched acupuncture for IVF. We wanted to give ourselves the best chances of success in our last NHS treatment cycle. After talking to Martyn we started around two months before our transfer was due. Ten weeks later and we are pregnant! I was much more relaxed this time and acupuncture the day before and on the Sunday morning after my procedure seems to have done the trick. We are keeping everything crossed and continuing acupuncture treatments. I wish we had tried acupuncture earlier.*

    Rebecca & DanBath
Please Note - These are reports of personal experiences and do not constitute a guarantee of treatment success.