Comprehensive Acupuncture Programs For Natural Fertility

Why Choose Acupuncture for Fertility?

Research suggests that couples who undertake a program of acupuncture for fertility may be more likely to fall pregnant naturally, or to subsequently conceive through an IVF cycle.  Our programmes for Natural Fertility focus on preparing the system for conception by invigorating the body, relaxing the mind and emotions and returning the system to equilibrium. 


• Increases blood flow to the pelvis and reproductive organs.
• Improves the thickness and quality of the endometrial lining which increases embryo implantation rates.
Maximises follicular development by improving the ovarian conditions for maturation.


Stress and other factors can cause hormonal imbalances which affect our fertility. Acupuncture helps us to cope with the stress and other influences which can creates imbalances in our hormones.
• Acupuncture stimulates they Hypothalamus which controls follicle stimulating hormone production and affects oestrogen and progesterone level production in the body. 
• Through the regulation of hormones with acupuncture and herbs, it can also help to stimulate ovulation, reduce ovarian cysts and regulate menstruation in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

IVF Support

IVF with acupuncture improves rates of pregnancy and live birth - BMJ With options for both embryo transfer treatments, preparation for IVF over several months, or treatments during any phase of a potentially stressful process, we offer effective treatment and support for couples undergoing ART procedures.

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Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy is a time of great physical and biochemical change in the body. With these incredible changes come side effects such as morning sickness, blood pressure variance, anxiety, backache. Acupuncture is a safe, drug free way to help manage these symptoms so you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

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Early Motherhood

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the month following birth is an essential time for a new mother to rest and recuperate, ready to care for her new baby in the coming months. Taking principles of traditional Zuo yuezi (sitting the month) we can help to heal and reinvigorate the body at a critical time.

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Fees & Treatment Plans

We offer fertility and IVF support packages with options for both one off appointments or discounted treatment packages, single or multi therapy pathways and both standard and out of hours clinics. Our fee structure aims to offer flexible choices to suit all of our clients.

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  • From start to finish I had a great experience with the Natural Health and Wellness Clinic. I was being treated with acupuncture to support IVF cycles. Martyn supported me through two cycles and offered a lot of advice, guidance and support through both. He always took time to explain the treatment and any alterations to support the cycle. I always felt a priority when fitting in appointments to fit my IVF schedule. Having used acupuncture before this was a totally different and positive experience. I would't hesitate to use the clinic again myself if required which is the best recommendation I can give. I'm currently pregnant with twins and I thank Martyn for his part in that.*

  • After a year of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, my partner and I decided to give acupuncture a try before moving on to the serious IVF process.  Martyn was very clear and calm in his approach, he gave us acupuncture treatments and herbs along with some changes to our diet and exercise over several months in what he called a preparation period.  The period pain I had experienced every month for as long as I can remember completely disappeared with the treatments and it must have been linked to our problems to start a family as after 5 months we were blessed with success!  I highly recommend Martyn at NHW, I don’t think our little girl would be here without him.*

  • I’ve only had acupuncture once before, but I felt completely at ease with Martyn. He was very thorough with my medical history and in assessing what needed to be worked on. He was also very happy to answer all of my questions. After the session and in the days following I noticed immediate improvements to my back and shoulder pain which I have been suffering with for some years. Martyn was professional, provided a clean, relaxing environment and results that really worked. I will definitely be using his services again.*

  • We contacted the natural health and wellness clinic after we researched acupuncture for IVF. We wanted to give ourselves the best chances of success in our last NHS treatment cycle. After talking to Martyn we started around two months before our transfer was due. Ten weeks later and we are pregnant! I was much more relaxed this time and acupuncture the day before and on the Sunday morning after my procedure seems to have done the trick. We are keeping everything crossed and continuing acupuncture treatments. I wish we had tried acupuncture earlier.*

    Rebecca & DanBath
Please Note - These are reports of personal experiences and do not constitute a guarantee of treatment success.