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How big are the needles?

Acupuncture needles vary in length and thickness depending on the where they will be used in the body.  

In general terms needles are ultra fine specialist acupuncture needles which are marginally thicker than the average human hair.  

In fact you can fit around 40 of these very slim needles into the opening of a hypodermic needle used for a blood test.

Are there different styles of acupuncture?

Yes, there are several styles of acupuncture typically seen in UK clinics.  Our style of Acupuncture comes from the Da Xuan medical tradition, a school with a traceable 1500 year lineage with a specialism in maximising human function through treatment and personal lifestyle practices.  

Our style of acupuncture comes from a lineage known for using the minimum of needles and for a pain free treatment experience.

Are herbal medicines safe?

Correctly prescribed by a qualified practitioner, herbal medicines are a safe and effective treatment method for many conditions.  

In the UK we are fortunate that herbs are heavily regulated which means toxic compounds and and animal products are banned from sale.  As such traditional formulae which used to contain potentially dangerous elements are made up with substituted safe alternatives in our pharmacy.

Do Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine help to improve fertility?

Research indicates that both acupuncture and herbal medicine may help to improve conditions associated with infertility including male factor infertility, poor egg quality, PCOS, endometriosis and more.

In the case of unexplained infertility, acupuncture and lifestyle measures may help to improve blood flow to nourish the internal organs and improve the quality of the reproductive environment, regulate reproductive hormones, alleviate stress and maximise the potential and function of the body to give you the best chances to conceive.

In China today, traditional medicine is used side by side with modern medicine in the the treatment of infertility.  Commonly acupuncture and herbs are prescribed before resorting to ART procedures or in combination with the latest reproductive medical techniques.  Research is slowly but surely validating the clinical experience of medical practices spanning centuries and surviving to the present day due to their life enhancing effects.  

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

With very slim needles and relatively shallow depths of insertion, acupuncture is a relatively painless treatment method.  

Most people will experience a sensation of tingling or numbness around the point.  Some acupuncture points can be more sensitive than others but any discomfort will be slight and short lived.

How does acupuncture work?

Ultra fine needles are inserted into specific points of the body which interact with and create a reaction in the bodies muscular, fascia and nervous networks.  Traditionally we would see these interactions as a way to influence the patterns of function of the body by affecting the energetic network of the system and promoting a more balanced flow of blood and energy.

Acupuncture is an area of ever increasing research.  At present we have clear evidence on the way acupuncture increases the release of endorphins in the system.  These chemicals act as natural opiates, reducing our perception of and sensitivity to pain.  Recent research on acupuncture has also observed a significantly higher response in the pain centres of the brain than placebo treatments.

Isn't Chinese Herbal Medicine Unethical?

Animal products from any source, including endangered animals are completely banned in the UK, and rightly so.

We vet all of our suppliers to ensure that both the quality and the origin of our herbs is audited and known to be both sustainable and uninvolved in the trafficking of illegal or unethical products.

I have been diagnosed with poor egg quality.  Can Acupuncture help?

Egg quality is assessed on the DNA of the cell, that of both the chromosomes present and the the mitochondrial DNA which are heavily influenced by the ageing process.  Unfortunately Acupuncture and herbs cannot reverse time and directly change the quality of the genetic material.

What some research indicates Acupuncture and herbs may do is to reduce oxidative stress (which damaged DNA and cell membranes), increase the blood flow to the follicles to better nourish the egg during maturation, and increase the energy production of the cellular mitochondria.  This research links treatment with an improvement in powering correct cell division and development and increased IVF success rates.

Are the needles safe?

Absolutely.  All needles are sterile medical grade stainless steel which are supplied in sterile packaging and are disposed of hygienically after a single use.

Are there any side effects?

One of the best things about Acupuncture is how few negative side effects there are.  Some people can experience a minor bruise at the site of a needle insertion and others can sometimes feel a little shaky, dizzy or tired during or after treatment.

Who will deliver acupuncture to me?

Our practitioners are highly trained therapists who are fully insured and members of professional bodies.  Our therapists have trained for a minimum of 5 years in core methods and clinical specialisms and ensure their ongoing professional development by constantly seeking out ways to learn and develop their skills.

Can I take herbs along with regular medication?

This depends on the medication you are taking.  It is critical that you disclose the details of any prescription or regular medication to your therapist so that your herbal prescription can be tailored for you.  

If you are unsure don’t take the herbal formula, we can provide a breakdown of the components for your GP and you can check with them directly.  Do not stop taking medication prescribed by your primary care worker without direct consultation and confirmation with them.

Does Acupuncture increase IVF success rates?

Several studies, most famously a study based around the Paulus protocol, have shown that acupuncture just before and just after embryo transfer increases that chances of success.

A review of research published in the British Medical Journal concluded that "IVF with acupuncture improves rates of pregnancy and live birth" - BMJ

Clinically our experience is that a series of treatments building up to embryo transfer, with at least one treatment immediately after transfer, is the best way to prepare for success, however studies have yet to be performed to investigate this approach.

The Treatment Process

Free Consultation

During our free consultation we will guide you through the complete diagnostic process, taking time to build up a crystal clear vision of your primary complaint, the history of that issue, the details of associated medical treatments and a picture of your health as a whole.

Symptom Management

When you come to our clinic, it’s because you need to manage your symptoms, be that pain, nausea, infertility or any number of physical, emotional or psychological conditions. Our primary goal is to bring you relief from your current symptoms as soon as possible.

Treating the Root

Behind every symptom lies a complex pattern of physiology which is in disharmony and at the root of a breakdown of normal function. With an ongoing course of treatment we can go beyond the symptoms to the underlying issues to achieve long term relief.

Maintaining Health

Once we regain our health, going for a regular tune up treatment, alongside the practice of some key principles for diet, exercise and lifestyle, is the ideal way to embrace and invest in your long term physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

  • From start to finish I had a great experience with the Natural Health and Wellness Clinic. I was being treated with acupuncture to support IVF cycles. Martyn supported me through two cycles and offered a lot of advice, guidance and support through both. He always took time to explain the treatment and any alterations to support the cycle. I always felt a priority when fitting in appointments to fit my IVF schedule. Having used acupuncture before this was a totally different and positive experience. I would't hesitate to use the clinic again myself if required which is the best recommendation I can give. I'm currently pregnant with twins and I thank Martyn for his part in that.*

  • After a year of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, my partner and I decided to give acupuncture a try before moving on to the serious IVF process.  Martyn was very clear and calm in his approach, he gave us acupuncture treatments and herbs along with some changes to our diet and exercise over several months in what he called a preparation period.  The period pain I had experienced every month for as long as I can remember completely disappeared with the treatments and it must have been linked to our problems to start a family as after 5 months we were blessed with success!  I highly recommend Martyn at NHW, I don’t think our little girl would be here without him.*

  • I’ve only had acupuncture once before, but I felt completely at ease with Martyn. He was very thorough with my medical history and in assessing what needed to be worked on. He was also very happy to answer all of my questions. After the session and in the days following I noticed immediate improvements to my back and shoulder pain which I have been suffering with for some years. Martyn was professional, provided a clean, relaxing environment and results that really worked. I will definitely be using his services again.*

  • We contacted the natural health and wellness clinic after we researched acupuncture for IVF. We wanted to give ourselves the best chances of success in our last NHS treatment cycle. After talking to Martyn we started around two months before our transfer was due. Ten weeks later and we are pregnant! I was much more relaxed this time and acupuncture the day before and on the Sunday morning after my procedure seems to have done the trick. We are keeping everything crossed and continuing acupuncture treatments. I wish we had tried acupuncture earlier.*

    Rebecca & DanBath
Please Note - These are reports of personal experiences and do not constitute a guarantee of treatment success.